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June 2017


After a terrific workshop at the Whitaker Museum in Rawtensall this weekend we have some gorgeous macro shots of some of the moths we observed.





June 2017


Two of our pieces are being shown at PS Mirabel next week in their summer show 'Small World'.


See you there!



Jan 2017


The Urban Moth is now on show at the Manchester Museum

See our page for an update on this gorgeous project 





the urban moth ian clegg


The mobile vitrine and desktop, 2016




July 2016


Read the blog post about raku firing at our pottery







June 2016


Read about our new project Urban Moths



What would happen if moths had the capacity to rapidly change to protect themselves in an contemporary environment?


The Moth reimagined. 


Over the last two months we've been working with the entemology department at the Manchester museum exploring our new ideas.



Close ups of the moth collection



Dec 2015


The Creative Entrepreneur, The next generation, Media City UK


The Cyanotype, Gesture.




ian clegg angela tait workshops                                         

                                              Making Cyanotypes



ian clegg angela tait workshops


















   The printed buisness cards



ian clegg angela tait workshops













                                                                                       Our Sponsors









Dec 15

Cyanotype workshop for a forward thinking school in Wigan. 




ian clegg angela tait cyanotypes





Dec - 15 through 2016


Exhibit in the Airport Lounge,  for the lovely venue 'Runway 26' at Manchester City Airport. Prints are be available for purchase from ourselves or the venue.






G-AJKB in front of control tower

Digital print




5th/6th Dec 2015


We were at Cardiff University at the livres d'artistes conference presenting our paper


Hoard: An artists’ book from concept to production







5th Dec 2015


Ebor Studios Littleborough, Affordable Art Fair






5th Nov 2015 - 5th Dec



Hoard at Opening the Book, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield


Delighted with the installation of Hoard at Bank Street arts. A gorgeous example of the transformative power of a space:






Hoard 2015

Bank Street Arts, Sheffield









Oct 6th 2015 - 23rd


Manchester Victoria Station and Northern Rail


For more details of our solo show at Manchester Victoria station, please visit here







Untitled 2015

Ceramic and high firing decals





Pit firing July 2015


For some comentary and gorgeous images of the firing visit here:



















Above: Pit firing


Right: Finished vessel. Burnished white earthenware, bisque fired to 1060 degrees

and pit fired with string and copper Sulphate










Bank Street Arts, Sheffield 



'Opening the Book'

4th November- 5th December 



Our installation 'Hoard' will be shown as part of 'Opening The Book' in conjunction with the Sheffield Intetrnational Artists' Book Prize.








June/July 15


We have been asked to extend our stay at Ordsal Hall. And we are more than happy to keep our work there.




 Ordsal Ian Clegg Angela Tait






April 15

Ordsall Hall Cyanotypes developed in horse trough






ian clegg angela tait photography




March 15

Ordsall Hall - Salford Gallery Installation Day,

The Plaster ceiling room, Ceramic book





Ian Clegg Angela Tait Photography ceramics



ian clegg angela tait photgraphy ceramics



The Smoke house room



ian clegg angela tait photography ceramic





March 15



We're embarking on a significant new research project in collaboration with the Manchester Victoria Stationand Northern Rail



Visit our project page for updates









Feb 15


The Pinhole, Polaroid camera




Photographic shoot with the ceramic pinhole polaroid camera from ian clegg on Vimeo.




Jan 15



The ceramic book looking amazing in the winter light at Hoard, Leeds. The project is in the process of moving. Keep watching for details of the next show.




ian clegg Angela Tait artists





Dec 14



Ceramic Book artworks are going out to customers in the US, Canada, The UK and Throughout Europe.



Detail of our 20 page book in a box




Ian Clegg Angela tait Ceramic book




Packed and ready to read



ian clegg angewla tait ceramic book




The Creative Entrepreneur conference at Media City UK, Salford 



Display of our ceramic pages



ian clegg angela tait pinhole camera



Prep for the Manchester College group shot



ian clegg angela tait pinhole camera



The polaroid result




ian clegg angela tait pinhole



The programme


Presented our kickstarter project 'the ceramic book' at The Creative Entrepreneur' symposium along with demonstrations of our ceramic camera.




Nov 14


Funding reached - and then some




Our Kickstarter account is launched - The project is a Ceramic book in a bespoke wooden case - Funding target reached and exceeded 15th Oct - So now we start making







ian clegg angela tait kickstarter



Oct 14




Reclaimed Polaroid negative from the chemical peel apart portion - Bleached, Washed, Dried, Scanned







Oct 14


We're delighted to have been offered a show at Ordsall Hall in Salford in 2015....Keep watching for details





Sept 14



Our ceramic Photobook is chosen for

the showreel for the Brighton OPEN14 launch party





Ian Clegg Angela Tait Ceramic photobook




Sept 14




Exhibiting in the Neo Print prize exhibition - one of 50 chosen from 800 entrants

Neo print prize 14





ian clegg angela tait neo print prize





The Bolton Gallery venue for the NEO exhibition





Ian Clegg Angela tait Neo print prize





July 14


Our 'English Leaves' monoprints ready to go in our next ceramic tile artist book









July 14



The intriguing Book at Leeds, Grows - over 200 cannisters with individual pages of the monoprint book in each one




Aticstudios cannister book hoard



and a view from above, high above




Hoard leeds ATICstudios





August 14


One of our recent works has been accepted for the final round of the Neo Print Prize







Allessandro 2014

pinhole photograph on ceramic






June 14 - update




Macerata Salford ATIC studios Reciprocity exhibition



ATIC studios Presentation box Reciprocity




May 14



Reciprocity/Reciprocita show - still on, but by request only now, so get in touch if you want a sneek look and make sure we are around.


And go here to view a full digital version our new book. The book ceramic polaroid and cute box will be winging its way to Macerata v soon.






Ebor Studios, William Street,


Littleborough, OL15 8JP



Sunday May 25th 12-3pm show opening




Reciprocity Show Manchester ATICstudios




Reciprocity Show Manchester ATICstudios




Reciprocity Show Manchester ATICstudios



Reciprocity Show Manchester ATICstudios Ian Clegg Angela Tait





April 14


Entry accepted by panel for World Pinhole Day 27th April 2014




World Pinhole Day Atic studios




Demonstrating our Ceramic camera to the Hoard Artists Leeds - Departure foundation




Hoarde Leeds departure foundation ATICstudios


4 Minute exposure - Standing still was a challenge



Polaroid Hoard Leeds Departure Foundation ATICstudios





Image from Macerata 'pinhole shoot' bonded to glass




Reciprocity Show Manchester ATICstudios Ian Clegg Angela Tait





March 14, Italy


We were delighted to be asked to visit the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Macerata, Italy in March.


Read more about this exciting project here on the Reciprocity pages




Ceramic polaroid exhibition Accademia Belle Artie




pinhole polaroid Allessa macerata


Pinhole Polariod, 4 second exposure, reflected daylight

Allessa Macerata 2014 




Jan 14


Some images from our show at Rochdale school of Rock and Pop


7 metre wall art illustration and typographical exercise reflectiing on the surrounding area and architecture




A2 Images made from the legacy inrtruments from the rock School








2013/14   - Hoard Leeds



Funded by the 'Departure Foundation' our exhibit at  'Hoard Leeds' is in

a beautiful setting of the Leeds Valley park.

It is an organically growing and morphing sculpture combining ceramic, photographic and printmaking processes












May 13


Smoke Fired Ceramics



We have been building 'once only' fired paper kilns and hoping for dry weather


Alternative photography and ceramics




Smash them open after a few hours and reveal the smoke fired pieces.








May 13


 ATIC launch a new Pottery studio


 Workshops - more art - more shows!