Gesture 2015




Once again we were invited to present at The Creative Entrepreneur event hosted by Salford business school.


This is primarily an event to provide information and networking opportunities for both students and SMEs (Small to medium sized enterprises. As usual ATIC intervened in the world of hi-tec digital with their customary analogue approach.


Following a sucessful gesture project in 2012 we wanted to produce a socially engaged artwork in an unexpected place. The social engagement being an unexpected creative pause in a generally frantic and information packed conference. A chance to stop and inwardly reflect ....not unlike the current philosophy of mindfulness. Our audience/participants/viewers were perhaps atypical of our usual type. A series of visitors from ambitious students to sucessful business types provided our varied group.....for their contribution we thank them all.




We asked each participant to provide an item from their person which represented them. This produced a few paniced faces and lots of patting of pockets, followed very often by a wry smile and the production of something precious. This was often accompanied by a story or anecdote.





'Ask my friends, I always carry this'


'These are Tibetan prayer beads'




From these articfacts there was a joint production of a cyanotype photogram. An image abstracted from its source by an engaging photographic process. This lead to dozens of explainations and discussions from the vaguely interested to the 'so tell me about the chemistry behind this' type.










Over the next few weeks we will be scanning the collected portraits and forwarding them to their 'owners'. There will be a book. This is unlikely to take the form of a regular publication but the fate of the prints is as yet undecided.



Keep following for updates